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“Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.”

Memory, dreams, reflections

Dr. Carl Gustav Jung


Taking a step back for a closer look into your self

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Helping you hear better the whispers of your heart 

Welcome !

My name is Michelangelo and I have been  practicing Astrology and the Tarot since 1996.


I was formally trained by the Mayo School of Astrology,  The Center for Psychological Astrology and UK Tarot master Richard Knight. I have also made guest appearances on Global TV and CJAD Radio. I am currently enrolled at the Psychosynthesis Institute and training as a psychosynthesis guide. My approach to astrology and the tarot is collaborative : I use my personal and professional resources in order to help you tap into your own and achieve your goals. In this process, you keep your autonomy and free-will. My aim is to foster harmony and flow within you and in your life.


The principles that guide me are honesty, integrity, compassion and open-mindedness. I strongly believe in the human potential for psychological and spiritual growth and that the psychospiritual approach to Astrology and the Tarot can offer perspective and insight into achieving these goals.

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514 387-8652



Thanks again for the reading... it was great.  I gained a lot of insight.


Hi Michelangelo,

Last year, I came to meet you. It was a very rewarding experience and I am very grateful for the time you spent in this session. You were very interested in this experience, kind, empathetic, and generous. You made it possible to change what I thought of the Tarot.


Michelangelo did my astrology chart. He was very detailed and he was right on when telling me about my personality. Michelangelo explained how my personality impacts the decisions I make . He was able to tell me which which parts of myself need to further develop in the future. Michelangelo was very pleasant and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him.

Miss Melina

Thank you for your time and guidance. I really appreciate it. Always a pleasure to speak with you. You help me put situations into perspective. Keep doing what you're doing.

Hello, I want to take the time to say thank you. I started to advertise the house for sale. in early June.  Three days later I already had an offer to purchase and I finalized the sale in August. You are the best as usual.



Working with Michelangelo

Take a step back.

Look more closely at yourself, your relationships and the world around you.

I work organically with you according to what emerges for you in the present.

I use astrology, the Tarot and guided meditations to help your journey towards growth and harmony.
Growth and harmony requires sustained inner and outer work, I usually sugges that a minimum of 5 sessions are paid in advance and be taken at your convenience in the following 6 month period. I do not believe in forcing a pace to allow insight and transformation to take place at your rhythm and according to where you find yourself in your life.

Beyond the 6-month period, sessions can be booked according to your needs.

Bundles come into short forms (5 sessions of 30 minutes for busy schedules) or longer formats (5 sessions of 60 minutes for deeper work). 


Individual sessions can also be booked for pressing matters.

There is no charge for initial consultations. This is an opportunity for us to talk, and see if we will be a good fit for working together; it is important for Michelangelo to know that  there is a mutual sense of synchronicity to work together.  This introductory call can also help Michelangelo whether his services best fit your life situation. These initial consultations are very informal and usually last about 30 minutes. 

To book an exploratory initial conversation, please send me an email and we will set up a call to discuss your needs.

Please note that due to a number of work and academic commitments, sessions are currently only held by videoconference (Zoom).

Once we have engaged in our initial exploratory conversation, you can book a session through my calendly booking page for the long format (60 min session) or the short format (30 min session). 

Specialty work may require several sessions and will be booked by phone.


Specialty work may include depth astrological work for relationship compatibility, past-life exploration using the Tarot and guided meditation, and so forth.

Michelangelo also offers Astro-tarot services for social and corporate events.


Dr. Liz Greene

"The timing of our development as individuals is our fate"

The Horoscope in Manifestation

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Contact Me


1526, rue de Maricourt

Montreal. Quebec


h4e 1v3



Opening Hours

Mon - Th

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


9:00 am – 6:00 pm



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